Feng Zhengjie

Feng Zhengjie was born in the Sichuan Province in China. Zhengjie's art originates from a traditional chinese drawing technique dating back to the Ming and Song Dynasties called « Mian Zhu Nian Hua » consisting in the figurative representation of people's enthusiasm towards life and their work. Reinterpreting this ancient technique, Zhengjie applies bold colours and bright backgrounds to similar motive as that of the Nian Hua tradition although the subject matter changes. Most characters in the paintings are women which the artists sets as prototypes for the influences of consumerism on society. His most successfull work is the Portrait of China series consisting of large scale Warhol style oil portraits of Chinese fashion model faces with vacant diverging eyes. His more recent work is based on the reds and greens of traditional Chinese New Year's art. The colours are thus more acid as to represent the commercial nature of modern China.

Feng Zhengjie

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