Kiro Urdin

Kiro Urdin is a Macedonian multimedia artist and film director and the founder of the Planetarism movement.

In 1996 Kiro embarked on an epic journey around the world with the aim to create the first painting to be worked on worldwide. His idea was to incorporate a piece from every place he visited, thus symbolically bringing the world together in one undivided unity. It took him two years and over thirty locations, from big urban cities to ancient world sites: the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the Tomb of Jesus Christ, New York, The Berlin Wall, Nerezi, Ohrid, Brussels, Bruges, Paris, Rome, the Suez Canal, London and many more. The result of Kiro's two year journey was a 48m oil painting which he entitled Planetarium. A professional crew shot his challenge and the "Planetaruim" was subsequently released. Photographs were also shot throughout the trip and then reunited in a single volume.

Kiro's work has evolved beyond traditional media such as film and painting to include dance, sculpture, literature, photography, philosophy and design. The artist has always been driven in his efforts by a unifying philosophy: to bridge different cultures together thus bringing all art forms into one. As he puts it into his own words when defining the Planetarism movement: "One Point everywhere, everything in one point. One Art everywhere, everything in one Art." The Galery Kamil presents his work in the name of his eclectic approach to art combining diverse cultural traditions as well as artistic techniques.

Kiro Urdin

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