Sabala: a name whose musicality fluctuates between that of flamenco and fado. A name whose rhythm announces the luminous glares of Latin music and a radiant way of singing the praises of life's beauty and prose. Sabala signs her canvases with frank and clear-cut brush strokes, a proud seal claiming attention.
Sabala's work is incongruous. Seducing and carnal as a Catalan song, the artist interferes with our life whilst leaving ineffaceable traces. Sabala's painting is inscribable within the inestimable richness of the Spanish painterly tradition. How to take root after Velasquez, Goya, Picasso, Tapiès and the others? The answer is inferable from the paintings, imbued with the same sun and blood, strangely similar although incompatible.
Sabala's paintings force amateurs to immerse themselves into the sulphuric and voluptuous depths of the Court of Miracles whilst unhinging the dullness and obviousness of existence. Our life is mirrored onto the surface of Sabala's canvases so much so that we feel united, recognised and useful.
Although Sabala's works always seem to represent our personal lives, their force is driven from what there is of particular among the universal. We all die of course but proud and satisfied of having cherished our life.
Underlying playful images or caricatures, Sabala observes the human condition with awareness. If it were necessary to find a literary equivalent to the Spaniard, it would undoubtedly be necessary to evoke the names of Balzac and Dickens. Through her carnal and sensuous paintings, Sabala is capable of carving her name into the depths of an inner adventure.


Preserver at the MAMAC in Nice
Extract from "Sabala", Edition Galerie du Forum, 2000


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