Alexandre Sosnowsky, better known by the name Sacha Sosno, was an internationally renowned French sculptor and painter born in 1937 in Marseille. After the completion of his academic studies Sosno founded the magazine "Sud Communications", in which he published his first theory of the « School of Nice ».
In the last decades of his life Sosno achieved international recognition for his monumental outdoor sculptures on the French Riviera. Along with Yves Klein, Arman and Cesar he was a member of the New Realist movement. Sosno had a singular artistic approach based on the concept of obliteration. His sculptures consist of empty or full spaces assigning to the viewer the task of imagining what is absent: "I only do 50% of the work; other people have to finish creating the sculpture", affirms Sosno.
Sosno's most recognizable work remains the "Tête Carrée" library in Nice, which he completed in 2000. This work once again confirms Sosno's interest in architecture, which he treats as inhabited sculpture to imbue with the artistic.


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