Yves Hayat

"I try not to interest myself in the manipulation of reality and its "imagined" images." My job at the edge of plastic photography, installation and narrative figuration suggests visions whose theatricality is fused with the projects' core. As a true visual consumer I photograph, download, retouch, reframe... briefly said, I stage. Through a game of superimpositions, intervals and deformations I oppose the past to the present, beauty to horror, indifference to fanaticism, reality to imagination. My attempt is to question the relationship between art, politics and the media in order to create critical works revealing a plastic interest in the culture of cinema, advertisement and the media itself. With the aid of technological advancement (internet, prints, the digital etc.) I try to frame our history and everything our society conceived, transformed and destroyed. It is therefore crucial to me that the reality a work confronts us with either leads to a question or else induces laughter, even discomfort... Only then a work escapes banality."


Yves Hayat

Emilie Palace
3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377.

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