Philippe Pasqua

Pasqua's painting strikes the visitor like an almost physical impact, a vision that is at the same time explosive and incisive. The monumental format of the artist's canvases is dictated by the breadth of his gestures — a dance where brutality and finesse alternate each other. Another major part of Pasqua's work is represented by his "vanitas". The technique employed evokes that of the silver- and goldsmiths of the Middle Ages working on a reliquary. Human skulls are covered with gold or silver leaves and then applies preserved butterflies on their surface. The colours of the outstretched wings are iridescent so that the light can be reflected on the powdery surface of the giant sculptures. Pasqua's work has been acquired by several private owners worldwide.

Philippe Pasqua

Emilie Palace
3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377.

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